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Asriel Dreemur by AL1ttleTh0ught Asriel Dreemur :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 6 1 2 years difference by AL1ttleTh0ught 2 years difference :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 4 0 A year's improvement by AL1ttleTh0ught A year's improvement :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 2 3 Eridanus - The River by AL1ttleTh0ught Eridanus - The River :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 2 0 Hetalia Rome Sprite by AL1ttleTh0ught Hetalia Rome Sprite :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 15 25 Mermaid surprise by AL1ttleTh0ught Mermaid surprise :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 3 0 20140917 212454 by AL1ttleTh0ught 20140917 212454 :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 1 0 Girl with flowers by AL1ttleTh0ught Girl with flowers :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 0 0 Hetalia - Amelia Jones by AL1ttleTh0ught Hetalia - Amelia Jones :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 1 0 Random girl by AL1ttleTh0ught Random girl :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 3 8 Rainbow girl? by AL1ttleTh0ught Rainbow girl? :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 1 0 Mailman Jones by AL1ttleTh0ught Mailman Jones :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 3 0
Hetalia fans talking with Cleverbot
User: Kolkolkol.
Cleverbot: Russia?
User: Da ^J^.
Cleverbot: What the panda are you doing, aru?!?
User: Become one with mother Russia, da China? ^J^.
Cleverbot: Da.
User: China~~ <3.
Cleverbot: Yes aru.
User: Do you love me China?
Cleverbot: I love all places.
User: Kolkolkol.. Do you love ME?
Cleverbot: Yes. I love all people.
User: I am not 'people' I am mother Russia.
Cleverbot: Ok, How do you person mate?
User: I can show you, da? ^J^.
Cleverbot: Show me.
User: *shows you*.
Cleverbot: It really sparks.
User: Oh yeah ;3.
Cleverbot: Why would that be a secret?
User: Because maybe America would find out.
Cleverbot: I would be a fool to trust you?
User: Nyet, trust me, da? ^J^.
Cleverbot: Who are you?
User: Mother Russia, who are you?
Cleverbot: You become one with me da?
User: Nyet, you become one with me.
Cleverbot: No, you become one with me. I am Russia.
User: Prove it.
Cleverbot: How?
User: Prove that you are Russia.
Cleverbot: Feeling what?
User: Kolkolkolkolkolkolkol.
:iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 1 0
Norway and Denmark - Hetalia by AL1ttleTh0ught Norway and Denmark - Hetalia :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 2 0 Hetalia - Chibi America thingy by AL1ttleTh0ught Hetalia - Chibi America thingy :iconal1ttleth0ught:AL1ttleTh0ught 1 0


kiibo aesthetic  by euxox kiibo aesthetic :iconeuxox:euxox 32 3 Kiibo by Nanamichiii Kiibo :iconnanamichiii:Nanamichiii 93 0 Tfw u yell gay at ur cursh by KitsuneZakuro Tfw u yell gay at ur cursh :iconkitsunezakuro:KitsuneZakuro 287 23 Winter Garden by Radittz Winter Garden :iconradittz:Radittz 4,181 125 day 25 by crumpledsketch day 25 :iconcrumpledsketch:crumpledsketch 47 1 Zack Fair by sakimichan Zack Fair :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,781 302 LIEatIII by ShoHarace LIEatIII :iconshoharace:ShoHarace 68 2 Nsio Explains: Learning Order to Human Drawing by Nsio Nsio Explains: Learning Order to Human Drawing :iconnsio:Nsio 3,973 283 SON - Ratt's Powers Arise by MarcelPerez SON - Ratt's Powers Arise :iconmarcelperez:MarcelPerez 359 59 Kirua Zoldik - HxH by SaitoYakushi Kirua Zoldik - HxH :iconsaitoyakushi:SaitoYakushi 28 12 Urth Merfolk by Blazbaros Urth Merfolk :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 298 32 Tiny Mermaid by SosinSoup Tiny Mermaid :iconsosinsoup:SosinSoup 598 148 [GT] Meliyora Tamura by Kairi-H [GT] Meliyora Tamura :iconkairi-h:Kairi-H 250 31 .::TiCk tOcK::. by kittykitkit102 .::TiCk tOcK::. :iconkittykitkit102:kittykitkit102 21 13 lines by ryky lines :iconryky:ryky 2,530 42 Situations Meme Blank Template by phoenixacid Situations Meme Blank Template :iconphoenixacid:phoenixacid 95 10


Asriel Dreemur

Yellow flowers are from here!:…

(I made this months ago actually, but like always I forgot to post it here uwu'')

Oh no, Undertale got me! Asriel made me feel a lot of feels, so I wanted to make something with him ;7;

I tried a new colouring style, and I think it turned out pretty well .7. Then my friend suggested that I tried using a photo for the flowers (and yes, i know these aren’t the right flowers, but I like it ;3;)

UNDERTALE and Asriel is created by Toby Fox

2 years difference
This is a bit late, but I thought that I would post it here too, since I'm going to try and be more active here ^^ So yeah, 2 years of difference in art.

I recently continued the RPG that I was working on, so maybe I'll post some more homemade resources here ^^

More art on my tumblr:
Sooo.... I have this wish of making a tumblr ask blog, and I know that it would be easiest for me to make one as America/Alfred from Hetalia, cause I'm like, okay alike with him, and I've drawn him so many times that I don't have to look after something anymore .w. (Plus I like him very much, huehuehue) So I've thought of 2 things I'm sure I'd enjoy doing :)
1. Teacher! Alfred, Math and science teacher~ I like both those things, so I do have a wide knowledge of it too :o
2. This has a bigger plot than that.... Alfred ends up living with Artie, but he has no memories of his past, and there will be a little twist to it, but I wont reveal that yet >w>
I'd really like someones oppion of it, and hear if they'd want to follow any of those blogs??? .w.


AL1ttleTh0ught's Profile Picture
More specifically i live on Bornholm :)
My hobbies are watching anime, reading, drawing, and cosplaying, and yes i am an otaku ^^'
What else is there to say?? ^^' I dunno right now, i might come up with something~~ ^^'


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KyasarinKishinuma Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016
Hiya! I've asked you to use your Rome sprite and send you a link to the game once it's done, so here's the link to the demo! So far, I haven't used your sprite but I thought you'd want a taste of the game anyway. :) I haven't added you to the Credit list yet since I haven't used your sprite yet, but I certainly will once I do use your sprite! Please tell me if that poses you a problem!
AL1ttleTh0ught Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016
Ah, thank you :D I'll try it right away >u< It doesn't pose a problem at all, no need to worry about that :) It would be odd to credit me for something not in the game xD
KyasarinKishinuma Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016
Okay! That's a relief :) 
Enjoy playing! ^-^ 
BakuganGirl123 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Student Filmographer
Tak for kigget og du satte mig på din watch-liste, det betyder meget ^.^ 
Christiabuch Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015
tak fordi du kigger med :) det er jeg glad for.
Null-Entity Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankyou kindly for the watch :D
Hishimy Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015
thx 4 the fav =D
Caroline-sama Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015
Hellooou :3 thank you for the fave darling :3 
JitenshaSW Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch ^^
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Happy Birthday~! :)
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